Lost At Sea.

Zebrao posted Oct 17, 17


Its been a while since we've released any updates and future content. This is because of some financial situations the server has been going through due to some of our previous users, We want to continue running the server and get to release stage regardless of all the recent financial drama. If you've joined our discord then you'll know whats going on (Roughly).

Anyway! We're not going to let a couple of trouble makers keep us down hopefully with the help of our community we can move on and carry on with the production of PirateWars :) 

This leads onto our next point, We've never been in this situation as our community has been amazing thus far but we're extremely low on funds in-order to release the server and get final plugin work finished (Due to financial trouble makers) so we are now selling pre-purchased coupons on our store for when the server releases and we hope some of you will lend a hand for us to get things finished!

- Supporters will receive a special badge on our forums -

(We don't expect anyone to give anything, its completely your choice to fund our project or not and if you can't then we thank you for being interested in GodWars/PirateWars thus far!)

If we reach our goal on the store i promise i'll try and get PirateWars released in a reasonable time frame of a month and start releasing more spoilers of whats to come! I hope i can see you all on our seas one day! Thank you everyone for the support, I'm just trying to make different and new servers! <3

- Captain Zebrao of the Sage Sea.

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