PirateWars Official Release | 1.0

Ahoy there me hearties! Some of ye may of been waiting a long time for this but Captain Zebrao finally got his ass in gear and boarded the Ship! This update will contain stabalizations, Balancing issues, Quality of life improvements and also some updates. The overral progression of our beta was to make our game more playable and make sure that gameplay had a nicer flow adding more ways to level up and also explain the game to newbies easier.


Fishing - We've rehauled the fishing slightly giving it a nicer feel and also giving it a purpose aside from the competition. You can now sell your valuable fish in the fish mongerers shop in-game using the /Fish Shop command. All fish prices change depending on their sizes and rarity types. You can fish at all times now and not only during competitions.

Mob Caves - We've added small mob-caves to each individual island just incase you can't find any mobs at night-time. There are very small spawns in each cave and also a new breed of pirate. They drop smaller experience amounts but hey, its something to kill while you wait for night!

Natural Mob Spawning - We've done lots of optimization to our mob-spawning rates and they seem good for now, These are always a work in progress because its pretty tricky to get them right but we have a nice balance now making it easier for solo players but still keeping it rewarding when Pirates team up! Please bare in mind most mobs spawn on SAND blocks! So finding islands with more sand blocks/coast will be beneficial!

Boss Additions - We've added in three new bosses and more WIP, They all have new skill mechanics that alot of you may not have seen before and will require figuring out before you run in and hack'n slash with your swords. Some will require bows and timing to beat! They also have some new tasty loot for you to dig into! Bosses added: Flame Summoner, Poseidon, Godsmith. These bosses are spawned a little differently to the previous bosses, You will need to find summoning tombs in loot crates and then find the bosses spawning platform on a unique island. Then when you use the Tomb, TADA! He will appear but make sure you at the location before spawning otherwise you may miss the boss!

Global Reports - We've added a new reporting system so that its easier for players to get ahold of moderators when dealing with pesky pirates! Whenever you see a pirate mis-behaving you can simply use the /Report command to bring up the reports menu. Moderators can easily keep track of reports cross multiple servers in-game.

Smelting Experience - Smelting your ores in a fancy way can now gain you some extra experience from your mining! You can smelt your ores from anywhere with the /smelt command and with the extra cost of some coal you will gain experience for making ingots! Currently you can only smelt Iron & Gold for bonus EXP!

Leaderboards - We've updated the leaderboards at spawn to include monthly information of the top *ACTIVE* players. All-time leaderboards may be added soon in a special location!

Health/Scaling - Health issues have been fixed as we've added a new health visual and working scaling system. Your health will now show as one bar of hearts representing your 100% value. Bonus health on armors and more are now fully working, We previously had alot of issues with health boosts which are now fixed.

Mob Damage - A lot of mobs used to deal no damage to high levels players due to some damage calculation bugs, These issues have now been solved and we've actively working on balancing mob-damage. Yet most of our mobs are currently balanced towards recommended armor levels. If you would like mobs to have recommended armor levels above names please let us know in the comments!

Cargo Drops - Cargo drops have been added to shores near you! Every hour theres a chance that a Cargo Drop can occur if enough Pirates are online. These contain many island commodities and you can gain alot of cash if you collect them fast enough. They spawn on *EVERY* island and randomize.

Socket Gems - New socket tempers have been added to throw a bit more variety into the mix, Now our Player vs Player issues are solved we can make alot more exciting modifications to items! All the new tempers can be found in the usual places and loot boxes.

Companions - We've added a new cosmetic collectable feature called Companions, These are small pets which float around and follow you. Use these to show your Adventuring prescense or just how rich you are! You can trade these with other players when found in Adventure locations such as Cursed Isles and Atlantis. You can access you companions screen by using the /Companions  Command.

Tutorials  - Tutorials have been added for the newer pirates along with more help features in our lobby and more. 

New Lobby - We've added a new lobby and fixed alot of disconnection issues, Leave a comment if you like it!

Dark Seas - Just for those who are unaware of the previous update we added a new Player vs Player realm where people can compete and earn ELO ratings. This is for them people who crave PvP in their hearts. Unfortunately its not ideal for us to have combat in the other seas due to armor ratings and such so we've had to seperate things to prevent issues. Blockades are still a thing though and the competative season is starting!

Treasure Scrolls - Did you play Runescape? Do you remember a thing called Clue Scrolls? Its been added to PirateWars with 4 tiers and a series of mob-killing, block breaking and superb swimming ahead. You can earn special treasures by completing these series of challenges and we've added some special items to the rewards! You can find Clue Scrolls in Mythical, Special, Cursed & Atlantic Loot Chests!

Weekly Charters - A Small box of charters have been added to a weekly kit for forgetful pirates. Just in-case you leave for a week and have no memory of any islands, We've got your back! /Kit Weekly

Commodity Market Changes - From now on the Commodity Market will be changing prices frequently due to recent news at Sea! Reasonings will be detailed on the weekly post on our website or in our discord! Be sure to join our discord on our website or typing /discord in-game!

Doubloon Store - We've added our donating feature the Doubloon Store! You can donate for Doubloons but this is the only way to get them currently. Nothing in the Doubloon store is required to play and everything is achieveable without donating. This is merely a way to support PirateWars and our feature! Checkout the doubloon store in-game using the /Market command. 

Donating Changes - Normally we've only used paypal for donating over the past years but due to its negative side effects we've moved onto another trusted payment gateway. Introducing Xsolla, 100% safe (Look them up) and also allow more then 500 payment methods including crypto currency and more! We've added a additional fee to using paypal for payments which is due to the increasing rates of Chargebacks and the hassle they cause us.

Voting - Tonight voting will be activated for a XP boost! Please make the most of it and support us! More voting rewards will be added shortly!

Blockades -The Blockade Season Has Begun! Read this post for more information: http://www.mcpiratewars.com/forum/m/25755568/viewthread/31814617-blockades-sea/page/1

Theres so many underground changes and things i can't remember.. 

I hope you guys enjoy PirateWars and we've restored the hype, So many awesome updates to come!