Ahoy swabbies and buccaneers, Zebrao here with a very formal and actual update post since we've just finished some big changes so what better reason then to have a post on our hardly used website. Arr.

Commodity Shops & Selling

We've been making lots of changes to help newer players understand the game and not to confuse them too much, One of the key issues was that i did not want our piracy adventures to impact the skyblock element too much so regular players could still recognise the gamemode. For this reason we've added /shop as a useable command for all members and also have allowed them to sell commodities/farmables/ores on there while on their island without the need to travel to lots of islands and find the right market. Of course we still wanted there to be a reason to travel to markets so we've added the following penalties.

- Selling items to the /Shop will net you a 33% price loss when selling goods here

- Selling items with commodity tickets will now net you only a 10% loss to make them more worth using.

(Please note all old commodity tickets will now NOT work as we've changed the lore to reflect this. So please dispose them or ask zeb to replace them if he is online.)

- Selling items directly to an island will grab you the full price for what an item is worth.

In other news we've also buffed lots of prices regarding farmable items so you should be able to pull a nice profit if you put together some efficient farms and the shop menu has recieved a little bit of a revamp.

Spawners & Mob Commodity Drops

We've removed most of these from the game now the other day, If your still holding any of these you might aswell throw them away as we've now removed the sell shops so that it does not confuse new players. This also means that spawned mobs now have new vanilla drops that are much more useful such as bones, ores and ingots and such.

(You can see which items are recieved from mobs in the spawner shop menu)

For anyone who has not been online in a while, We recently expanded our spawner collection significantly doubling the amount of spawners we had a few days ago.

Soul Gems & Armor Customization

Our gem/enchant system before today was pretty lame, Not many options and was slided into the game as a side addition and not much of a big feature. I've spent the last couple of days sorting out some new type of gem selection which i plan to expand also! So heres a list of what changes are happening due to the new Soul Gem update.

- Soul gems are like gems, slots, enchantments and can be applied to armors and weapons allowing you to gain some bonus statistics and customize your gear.

- Soul gems can be found in Quest key rewards, blockade rewards and voting crates but also have a rare chance to drop from some Chaos Cave mobs.

- There are currently 10 different Soul Gems in the game which you can find!

- We've added more slot spaces for soul gems on all newly found armor pieces! Even breakable items now have slots for them gems that you maybe do not want so much.

(More gems coming soon!)

Additional Items & Changes

New consumable item has been added the "Mad Potion" which should help your PvP battles last a little longer if your catching the short end of the stick. The Mad potion can be found in crates around islands and has a smaller chance to be found. This potion grants Regeneration V for 60s which could turn the tide in any battle.

Due to the shop update, We've added the /sell hand and /sellall command to Privateers perk list.

Ghostly Treasure Keys have also been buffed.

We have some action going on this month,

We will be hosting much more events and also work on GodWars has begun which you would see if you are a member of our Discord.

We have a youtuber joining us also, We're still seeking more youtubers also so if you have a favourite small youtuber then let him know we exist! And if you make videos personally 1 subscriber or 10,000 don't be afraid as we love to see videos about Pirate Wars regardless.

Also don't pick on the spelling/punctuation because i rush these posts like a bull and a matador locked in a 3x3 cage.

Happy new year! - Zebrao